Benefits Of Getting Your Taxes Filed Early
January 14, 2021
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The Tax Deadlines To Aid You In These Next Vital Weeks
February 26, 2021

Denny & Company LLC is always home to any of your financial and tax related encounters. With the 2020 year ending, the deadlines for taxes are approaching and when those deadlines arrive, make sure you have everything you need to better execute your taxes and obtain any refunds you are entitled to.

Why Do You Need Forms to Help You File Your Taxes?

Statements and forms that include any sort of payments received or made can be beneficial with obtaining an accurate tax bill or even better, a tax return. Many in college that make tuition payments and other qualifying school payments can make note of these and might be compensated at times too.

We all know if you work with your social security number, you get taxed. That’s why your paychecks always have deductions that come along with them that can be seen on pay stubs. W2 forms are almost always given around the end of January. These W2 Forms aid you in viewing the wages earned and taxes charged with said wages throughout the previous year.

What If I Could Not Work Due To Covid-19 Affecting My Job?

If you were in the unfortunate situation that many Americans faced during the 2020 pandemic and could not go into work, you too are still able to file taxes on unemployment payments that you might have applied for.

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When these unemployment applications are submitted, there is an option for you to withhold or not withhold taxes. If you were taxed on these unemployment benefits then you can view a form called a T-1099G that is available at your state tax agency in case you were never given one.

What If I Am Missing Forms That Can Benefit Me?

Any time you feel your taxes are confusing, time consuming, and overbearing you are able to seek out us here at Denny & Company LLC.

Here at Denny & Company LLC we make life less taxing and maintain a professional, personal, and organized approach with all our clients in need. So if you feel this year you could use more advice and aid in filing your taxes contact us and we can assure your taxing needs are met.

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