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Santa Clarita CPA Explains ‘When’ And ‘Why’ Companies Request Audits
July 6, 2020
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Wide Range Of Services Available From CPA In Santa Clarita After End Of Tax Season
July 27, 2020
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Matt Denny of Denny & Company, LLP is discussing the reasons to turn to a Santa Clarita CPA when it comes to tax returns instead of preparing them independently or with a national franchise company.

Though some may make the assumption that a franchise will cost less, Denny pointed out that his company’s prices are oftentimes competitive, and sometimes even less expensive.

“Their prices have gotten to the point where, in some cases, we charge less for a tax return than some of those services,” he said, “which I find kind of surprising since we have licenses we have to maintain and continuing education programs that we have to follow.”

Simple returns can usually be prepared effectively by a franchise or independently, according to Denny, but more complicated returns typically benefit from the expertise of a Santa Clarita CPA.

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“There are times when you have complications in your tax life,” Denny said, referring to a first-time 1031 exchange as an example. “That can be screwed up so easily if your tax preparer or yourself doesn’t know how to do it correctly.”

Additionally, certain circumstances might negatively impact taxes, making it vital to get advice from a CPA in Santa Clarita when it comes to navigating them in the best way possible.

“There are transactions you can do with your retirement accounts that you should probably get some advice from a CPA or have them prepare the returns so as to minimize the tax fallout of some of those things,” Denny said.

Lastly, Denny strives to go above and beyond for his clients whenever he can, because he cares about them and their individualized circumstances.

“That kind of level of care means that we’re going to look for things that are to your advantage, and we’re going to optimize how we do your tax returns in ways that a cookie cutter or factory kind of operation might not do,” he said. “They may be correct, but we would be more correct in your favor in a lot of cases, because that’s the kind of practice that we have.”

The Santa Clarita CPA firm Denny & Company, LLP was established in 1984, and is a full-service firm of Certified Public Accountants in Santa Clarita, including Partners Matt Denny and Carolyn Denny. The Santa Clarita accountants work with small businesses and individuals, specializing in catering to each client’s unique needs and desires using a flexible approach. As a CPA in Santa Clarita, Matt Denny shares his knowledge and experience regularly on “Common Ground” on KHTS Radio. Those looking for the best CPA in Santa Clarita or a “CPA near me” can contact Denny & Company, LLP for more information today.

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