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What The New May 2021 Tax Filing Extension Means For You
April 16, 2021
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Hiring A Tax And Finance Professional Can Save You Money And Time
June 10, 2021

Denny & Company is a full service firm of certified accountants from the California Board of Accountancy and the California Department of Consumer Affairs that has been operating since 1984.

Our certified team of accountants at Denny & Company tailor to assist with our small business clients and individual clients. Every client is different when they reach out for our help. That’s why our personalized approach to all of our clients is our first priority and our loyal clients keep coming back to Denny & Company for all of their financial needs.

The 2021 tax season has reached the May 15th deadline.

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If you haven’t filed your taxes however, you are still in luck! Individuals who have not filed for their taxes yet may request an extension by filling out the IRS Form 4868 that grants anyone a 6-month extension to file federal income tax returns. However, this form does not give you more time to pay if you owe taxes.

You may owe interest and potential penalties if you end up paying late, even after filing the extension form. If you’re looking for other services at Denny and Company, we provide services in bookkeeping, audits, and personal financial statements. At Denny & Company, we care about your financial well-being, and will help if you wish to file for an extension using the form 4868 or other areas you need assistance.

The extension deadline is October 15th, so stop by Denny &Company today to get all your ducks in a row! We are here to help and support you SCV!

Here at Denny and Company LLP, our proficient team makes life less taxing.

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