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July 27, 2020
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August 26, 2020
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A CPA in Santa Clarita is talking about the history of his family-owned and -operated practice, which covers two generations.

Matt Denny, a Santa Clarita CPA and partner at Denny & Company, LLP, shared that his parents first founded the firm in Glendale in 1984.

Before this, his father worked at First Interstate as a senior vice president, covering internal audits for all of the company’s banks.

“He was also a CPA; he had been with a big-eight accounting firm back in the 60s,” Denny said. “And then my mother was also a CPA.”

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While raising six kids, Denny’s mother put herself through school.

“(She) went to a top-five accounting school and passed through it in a period when women were not encouraged,” Denny said. “She faced a lot of discrimination … back in the 70s.”

Once school was completed, Denny’s mothers worked for a few government agencies, including acting as controller for the City of Beverly Hills, before working for a Glendale-based CPA firm.

“Once she got her license, after passing the CPA exam, my dad retired from the bank and they started the practice together down in Glendale in 1984, 1985,” Denny said.

Denny himself was living in Montana, where his family had two offices, and acting as a state legislator before he decided to relocate to California.

Today, Denny continues to work with his mother at the Valencia-based Denny & Company, LLP.

“She’s right down the hall,” he said.

The Santa Clarita CPA firm Denny & Company, LLP was established in 1984, and is a full-service firm of Certified Public Accountants in Santa Clarita, including Partners Matt Denny and Carolyn Denny. The Santa Clarita accountants work with small businesses and individuals, specializing in catering to each client’s unique needs and desires using a flexible approach. As a CPA in Santa Clarita, Matt Denny shares his knowledge and experience regularly on “Common Ground” on KHTS Radio. Those looking for the best CPA in Santa Clarita or a “CPA near me” can contact Denny & Company, LLP for more information today.

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